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Whore Of The World

Does A Women's Past Matter? More than you think! From gals who like to party hard to 35 year old single women still thinking they are "young" and can get a husband. Read on! This blog is a wake up call to millions of men who need to see between the lines--and always judge a women by her past!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Why Career Women Are Guaranteed Whores Of The World

A 9-5 day usually does not start at 9 for career women. It starts at 6:30.

They wake up, take a shower, blow dry their hair, blow their flavors of the month, go back to washing their hair because their flavor of the month got "some" on their hair, they quickly use some deodarant, they don't make breakfast for their flavor of the month, they don't even bother making breakfast for themeselves, they hurry to work, drive through a Starbucks, order a Latte and croissant, and run into their morning meeting with the boss. Off course if they are working a short skirt they are usually hard on candy for the rest of the corporate types and mail room boys.

They go back to their offices, plug in their laptops, check their email, delete their email, work on a project, and at 12 noon they go to lunch in some public place and attract every guy there. Someone actually dares to ask them for a number, which they give out because they only have a flavor of the month. Now they have the flavor of the month, and the commodities trader they are riding.
What does all of this mean?

Very simple. They are controlled by work, so in fact part of them feels enslaved. In turn they turn off their emotions because work is number one, and a serious relationship, well, that does not even compute.

Then there are all the after hours office parties, the holiday parties with spiked punch, and even worse, traveling for the job.

Guys, do you think if your gal goes on a business trip and checks into a hotel, you don't think she is watching pornos or screwing the marketing VP. Off course she is!

So, my advice still stands. Don't date corporate types: executives, lawyers, accountants at Big 5 firms, consultants, real estate agents (more on that next time). Stick with someone who is trying to save the world: artist, school teacher, painter for kids with disabilities.

Because career minded women only care about getting to the top, getting topped, and disregarding natural feelings and commiting to a relationship. How could they? They are too emotionally drained to be commited and only have enough energy left for quickie sexcapades.

Til after gobble gobble day.


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