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Whore Of The World

Does A Women's Past Matter? More than you think! From gals who like to party hard to 35 year old single women still thinking they are "young" and can get a husband. Read on! This blog is a wake up call to millions of men who need to see between the lines--and always judge a women by her past!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Why Career Women Are Guaranteed Whores Of The World

A 9-5 day usually does not start at 9 for career women. It starts at 6:30.

They wake up, take a shower, blow dry their hair, blow their flavors of the month, go back to washing their hair because their flavor of the month got "some" on their hair, they quickly use some deodarant, they don't make breakfast for their flavor of the month, they don't even bother making breakfast for themeselves, they hurry to work, drive through a Starbucks, order a Latte and croissant, and run into their morning meeting with the boss. Off course if they are working a short skirt they are usually hard on candy for the rest of the corporate types and mail room boys.

They go back to their offices, plug in their laptops, check their email, delete their email, work on a project, and at 12 noon they go to lunch in some public place and attract every guy there. Someone actually dares to ask them for a number, which they give out because they only have a flavor of the month. Now they have the flavor of the month, and the commodities trader they are riding.
What does all of this mean?

Very simple. They are controlled by work, so in fact part of them feels enslaved. In turn they turn off their emotions because work is number one, and a serious relationship, well, that does not even compute.

Then there are all the after hours office parties, the holiday parties with spiked punch, and even worse, traveling for the job.

Guys, do you think if your gal goes on a business trip and checks into a hotel, you don't think she is watching pornos or screwing the marketing VP. Off course she is!

So, my advice still stands. Don't date corporate types: executives, lawyers, accountants at Big 5 firms, consultants, real estate agents (more on that next time). Stick with someone who is trying to save the world: artist, school teacher, painter for kids with disabilities.

Because career minded women only care about getting to the top, getting topped, and disregarding natural feelings and commiting to a relationship. How could they? They are too emotionally drained to be commited and only have enough energy left for quickie sexcapades.

Til after gobble gobble day.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

"How many guys have you been with"

"Umm..Well, my past is not important.."

Correction. It is VERY important. Especially if you are pushing 28, work in the corporate world, you don't get along with your father, you were in a sorority (or at least you wanted to be in one), you went away for college, you are an Aquarius, you live in your own condo, you travel extensively for work, you have no problem dating a few guys at the same time and refer to it as "seeing" someone, you know exactly what kind of hard liquor to order at a restaurant without feeling "lost" in the menu, you are a Gemini, you get bikini waxes every week, you still like to go out with your friends to bars until 3 a.m (even though you are over 24), you spent a semester overseas for high school, college, you are a Sagittarius, or even worse, you actually lived in a romantic country like Spain, France, Italy, or anywhere in South America, and you don't consider oral sex to be sex.

I love women. Seriously, the way they look, smell, walk, talk, kiss, eat, workout, do yoga, cook, clean, f**k, and all the good stuff.

What is concerning to me and to millions of chumps and suckers around the world who actually accept a women's past prior to entering a relationship is that with women's power came freedom. With freedom came jobs. With jobs came careers. With careers, came a lack of being a "lady" and being more like a sexual power point presentation. Where sex is nothing but a release, kind of like brushing your teeth with baking soda and flossing with tea trea oil dental floss.

Yes, ladies, its time Old School guys are ready for a resurrection. Not the kind where we will knock on doors with pictures of Heysus and a few biblical or other preachy material under our armpits.

What my rant and lunacy will be all about is to educate millions of men all over the world that they should inspect a women's sexual past with an electron microscope. With divorcee rates as high as 60%, a lot of people are wondering what's going on. Its actually simpler than it looks.

Guy meets girl. He lies to himself that he's in love because he is insecure, has a little cash, or thinks just because she slept with him on the first date, he'll get that for eternity. She thinks she'll score him for a few brownie points because she's already been around the penis factory so many times, she knows she isn't a spring chicken. They say "I do's" and a few years later when her tiny little waistline balloons (as what happens with most "hot chicks"), he is checking out other women, cheating on her, she starts to cheat on him, and voila. Divorice Court.

Well, its not that twisted as I make it out to be. Actually its quiet worse for some. And it all starts with where a women has been sexually.

See, most guys don't realize this, and here is a big wake up call, if you meet a girl who tells you that her past doesn't matter, or she references her life story and background as any of the events listed in paragraph 1 that pretty much self-define her sexual proclivities, eventually, she'll ruin your life in one way or another. Let me explain.

I am not saying people should be virgins. Far from it. What I am referencing is that when a women starts to really overdo it in terms of sex, is she really doing it for someone, or her own greedy selfish reasons. She is basically on an orgasm marathon to win. And win big I may add. Thus, her innate persona is to take and to get for herself alone. So if a sucker comes along and she decides to retire her multiple partner adventures for him and marriage, in theory she can no longer "WIN" and take for herself in terms of erotica. So she needs to find a new way of winning, and taking. And this usually starts to manifest itself in the form of "Honey, can you buy me a $1000 Fendi purse. Don't You Love me?". Or, "Baby, You know how we are getting married soon. I really want a a BMW".

By now I know I am probably headed for the cover of "Misogynistic Magazine". But my eloquent prose here has nothing to do with bashing women. Its to bring back the days of chivalry, courtly love, passion without conditions, love and marriage without it feeling like a business arrangement, and of course being the world's foremost radar on what signs to look for in a woman that might make her be "whore of the world". Think of this site as a wake-up call to today's society and to Old School Guys who wants a classy, strong, yet loving women by their side.

Enjoy The Ride!

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Is Oral Sex Really Sex? Inquiring Minds Need To Know!

"How many Guys have you been with"

"What do you mean?"

"Look, if you come clean with me now, I promise I will be able to handle this and accept it. But if I find out in six months that there was some blow job that you conveniently forget about, you're done"

"I don't think oral sex is counted as sex"

And those words were enough to know she was out before I even dropped her back at her place.

To me, I think Oral Sex does count as sex. And you know what. I think its even worse. Its more personal, its filthier, dirtier, and its something that a lot of "whores of the world" conveniently forget about. See, good girls, usually don't blow guys until they dated them for six months, slept with them first, and then eased in to the whole fellatio thingie. "Whores Of The World" , well, they have turned oral sex into a post-dinner kiss.

Remember in high school when you got all excited that you kissed a potential girlfriend on the third or fourth date for like a minute and were blue balled for a week after that? Well, nowadays, I think a lot of women would rather perform oral sex on a man at the end of a first date, than kiss him. Their thinking is that with kissing, its personal, passionate, romantic, and may get them to be attached. With a quick BJ after they downed a few Cosmopolitans, its no big deal. Its a quick hummer, an explosive finish, and is usually kept as a dirty dark secret.

Now, I don't know about you, but this kind of thing really tortures me. Can you imagine meeting what you think is the love of your life, you go out, you get intimate, she tells you she has only been with three guys, you have a sigh of relief, then she tells you she blew like 20 but those didn't count. At first, you think you can accept it. But the moor you date her and look in her eyes, you start to keep focusing on her mouth, her tongue, her teeth, and how filthy she must have been to have done such a dirty deed. See, the worst part is not so much that she actually gave head, the worst part is what lead up to it. The imagery there is enough for a stroke.

A guy picks her up on a date, she gets into his car, they have small talk, he takes her to dinner, orders a bottle of wine because he knew exactly what he was doing, they laugh, they flirt, and then they say its time to go. They get back into his car, which he probably parked behind some meat packing building by some train tracks, he leans and kisses her. At first, its soft, then she gets really into it. She maybe doesn't want to sleep with him, but she wants to see him again for a free dinner. So from the kissing, he massages her a little bit, and before he knows it, she's on her own doing what she loves. That's just horrible. There are so many question that follow? Did she spit? Did she swallow? Did she laugh after she did? did she slowly get up and smile and kiss him? Did anything get on her hair? And here is the worst part. Is the purse she has with her now, the same one she had when she did this defiled act? What about her hair? Did he put his hand on her head. Did she take her time? Did she go fast, slow, medium speed?

These are all the mentally torturous things that guys should never accept. In fact, they should always be suspicious of women who say "We went out a few times but nothing happened". Because believe me, something did, except they don't count it.

So remember, oral sex does count, and if you hear or see any signs, get rid of her. And ladies, how about saving your tonsils for someone that is special and not for every Tom, Joe, and Blake because you are insesure and want to be liked.

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